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I have problems to work with these instructions, I think that I have installed successfully, because I just install some other addons and work. If you try running the tutorial made by a principal or a cool old does not work. Someone at - it had a problem. If you have never heard talk about Zygor believe me, unlike anything seen before and after you won it in action see ' think how much game for the better changes. To make simple, this is more or less as a supplement and allows you to display and to use the games to read books of solution without a printed book, or set of ALT - tab. In this manual update, you will learn exactly what to do and where you use a 3-d-right button on your screen will and can detect when you are finished with the instructions on the fly. It is intended to simulate a fantasy world. Blizzard has done an extraordinary job has not only a player, but also dozens of options what to do or where you go. This is the most fun and addictive game. It can also mean a player, errors and enable these options quickly do not match the character.Zygo guides offer the advantage of options, but these options are the improvement of the power. In this way which is right, take instead of hiking a research to another, you know always that you give the possibility to a level more at a faster pace.Instead of walking in this world of Warcraft universe, that have problems, what to expect at the next corner you exactly what find NPC then, then the exact location where traveling, to fulfill this mission. If you're in the Warcraft universe, or even as a veteran not much contributed to explore, know you also lose a lot of interesting things never existed. For example, to know that you can earn special titles, next to the name of the character are displayed and you can earn a reputation among the different factions, to unlock rare items and be rewarded? Or better yet, you knew you combinations of Garland of spells, using a single command, you can? Perhaps they were aware of some of these things but the struggles to discover.Well, if this is the case, then ' view has discovered something perfect for you. "Full title is called see Zygor Guide and macro." You can spend hours in this game of world of Warcraft can be fun, if they occur at any point in their quest for level. The role of the Zygor guide is always the personal trainer of a player and necessary, that contains the information immediately, moves the player through the game. You must use knowledge of the auction house, the guardian this exploit to get gives you the advantage of years of experience in WoW have the possibility, even if you are a new player.Choose to use. Now, I know what you think, a guide for WoW, sit and read a guide, how you want to play the game. The surprising Zygor guide upgrade is complete and the goalkeeper, it is as a guide I've seen before. It's nice allow the addon, with which you can display and use the Guide to the game without pages and ALT/tab of the game. The manual will tell you exactly where I like to accept missions and everything, what you need to make your character send power to 90 in just 5 days / times played. and it works the same here. Manual guides you step by step through everything you do, to have an increase in the shortest time with the Group of your choice.Finally, in relation to Zygor Guides Tutorial the macro title complete: Zygor guide to reputation and the macro comes complete with macro prefabricated for each class in the game, the combat in the game that easily directly on your action boring bar and Simplfying start more actions can be loaded. Zygor level guides lead a player from the start, which makes about 90 level the possibility of having a balanced and very playable character. Instead of all over the world just WoW, this travel companion levels, I opened this remarkable game in a way that many advanced players will never find. Has many surprising features that work together to make this possible. The Guide, for example, automatically find the path the faster for your next destination and directions with a 3D on screen waypoint arrow. During the six missions keeps track of your progress and how are the target is updated in real time. Also a consultant of the research award, which automatically shows the best rewards for your character missions.The Zygor leveling Guide and guardian s stands for Alliance and Horde includes everything you need to ship from level 90 of compatibility available for 13 races of the games. Apart from the fact that it also staged for the coveted after reaching the Huters.wenn you are not warned not very afraid, Zygor guide tech comes complete with a customer who can install manuals for you and keeps up to date with the latest content. The ' is safe, easy and builds on our incredible customer Zygor. If you believe themselves still do not offer a free trial and believe me, after not played with zygor's you ' never be able to play without. Zygors titles, fame, the macro instructions and you can the two additional content of games without having to learn and use only, but if you're still not convinced you can try more for free on their website. Believe me, if not already performed with zygor's you ' never be able to play without. When the titles are one of the most rewarding aspects of world of Warcraft, gives you the possibility that his achievements show world. Zygor on the title, the reputation and the macro will help you through the realization of some of the most coveted title in the game, like a dragon slayer, Starcaller, defenders in a world broken and much more. It has more than 35 titles in this manual deals.For the reputation, execute a select group of missions, usually multiple times to increase its popularity with a particular faction. Zygor has practically perfected the art, in his famous tasks optimized. If the game world of Warcraft may have millions of dollars into gold from one of the strongest players. Look at the addon gold Tycoon for these games, which help you to collect millions of dollars in gold in a short time. This is what we found on this addon.Addon-Tycoon-gold is a system that the game world of Warcraft and support, with the least amount of time and effort to collect millions of dollars in gold. 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