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Direct line: 022-6649 4054 (allow a rapid response to Member) users who reset the billing, the limits, the word password, open Piazza, arts & crafts, filter circuit, assess data relating to prices and other related issues, double. N. Tel.: 022-4000 option 1 022 6649-6731-option 1 & 8888. area: 4055/4056 fax: 022-67269556. on the router if the default user name and password. It is, but not the same for all routers can grant this access. User name: Admin password or administrator: admin or password < vuoto >, Tip: If the router do not know, go in the hope of the computer allows user by default and password, skip over non-users in network security measures. However, if you ' name for user or password for a router on which you have authorized access, to help him forget the following sections. If the user name and password does not work, it is likely that the ' have been changed at some point in the past by the user to the network administrator. Most routers have a small hole in the back or the bottom (see photo). Press and hold this button for 10-15 Password Reset Router seconds will be hard reset the router. This action resets all default settings; You can use the user name and password. Once you reset the router, you can. Plant Verizon router provided you restart, you must create something small - such as such as a paper clip and press the button for approximately 15 seconds. See restart the router. If the reboot of the router is not displayed, repeat the process until the light on the front of the router see go, then begin, Schleife.Du have to wait 30 seconds until the entirely new router is. She wants to set up a new user name and a password. In the configuration of your wireless router, you can the router SSID desired change nothing. identifies the SSID as router, so that when you turn on a wireless device, can distinguish between the router and the neighbours. Then, you can continue to configure wireless encryption. Under basic settings, select the type of encryption to use, and then create a password. The most compatible encryption type is WEP and WPA - 2 is the safest.Need help to reset your default password for Verizon FIOS, join our forum or our other to read. Now, you must restart the router from Verizon, go to Homepage sign up and open your Web browser. Note: You must connect to the router with an Ethernet cable, because the radio is no longer suitable to define.To access, go to http: and press ENTER. Now the router login page should be displayed. The new user name is Admin and password is password. At one point, you need the Verizon default router username and password for restore. This need to know Verizon FiOS router password. The most common reason for password reset router, if it is unable to detect wireless password or the password of the administrator (s) or simply forgotten. Verizon FIOS router works like any other router. If you look at the back of the router, you'll see a small button. ,,.